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Easy access to the unfiltered wireless networks, Webmails, surfing Websites, Social Networking sites, and Instant Messengers at work are increasing the cases of employee productivity loss, legal liability and leaking of company confidential information. Furthermore, hidden Malwares within Webmails, downloads and phishing sites needs to be filtered out to protect users and PCs from infections and data losses.

Organizations need to protect themselves from the legal liabilities associated with unregulated Internet in the workplace. With COPGATE|WEB implemented, organizations can better understand and control Internet usage in the workplace while protecting its network from infections of viruses, spyware and other malicious applications. More importantly, these solutions can further promote a productive work environment by blocking common employee distractions during the workday, such as social networking, online shopping, investing, gambling and Instant Messaging. COPGATE|WEB helps organizations regain lost productivity and stop Internet abuse by monitoring employee Internet use.

Managing Internet Threats

Mitigate legal liability
Reduce the risk of costly and defaming legal issues associated with illegal, copy-righted and inappropriate content residing within your network. Secure confidential information from spyware, phishing and peer-2-peer activity.


Protect network environments
Prevent Internet threats from infiltrating your network by blocking zero-hour and known viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious Internet services and applications.

Preserve network resources
Allow network management resources to focus on more added value projects while COPGATE|WEB filtering blocks threats from infecting your network.


Enforce organizational compliance
Promote compliance to organization Acceptable Use Policies and other laws and legislation using system tools and best practice methodologies.

Improve productivity
Removing Internet distractions will magnify the productivity of your students or staff.


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