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According to the 2010 CyberSecurity Watch Survey, Cybercrime attacks by Insider threats aimed at targeted organizations are increasing faster than organizations can combat them. Insider threats are not just employees: they can include contractors, business partners, auditors… even an alumnus with a valid e-mail address. And not all insider attacks are malicious; the perpetrators may be unknowing pawns of a malevolent colleague or a poorly-tested system, or they may carelessly initiate an unintended security breach.

Detecting and Defending against Insider threats is a process, not an event. Although technology introduces new threat opportunities, technology itself is not the problem-human behavior is. Effective Pro-active monitoring must focuses on the human behaviors by monitoring and analyzing every end-points interactions with the organization’s systems. You need a solution that can detect not only the complete range of threats, but also deliver the context you need to take efficient and appropriate remediation. COPGATE
TM helps large organizations comply with regulations, such as  Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Basel II. These regulations typically require tracking of user access to sensitive  corporate and customer's data. Answering the questions - Who? Did What? When? Where from? - are typically required for complying with these regulations.

Prime Differentiators
COPGATETM Unified Internal Threat ManagementTM Gateways defend organizations with high net-worth assets against “trusted“ Insider threats using Protection, Detection and Prevention technology.

.: All-in-One defense against “trusted“ Insider threats


.: Collect Digital Forensic Evidence

.: Proprietary Employee Threat ManagementTM


.: Employee Productivity Management tools

.: Enhanced Data Security based on Behavioral Science :.

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